Microsoft Preparing to Extend Retail Sales for Windows 7?

Microsoft Preparing to Extend Retail Sales for Windows 7?

With the deadline for Windows XP looming (April 8, 2014), many organizations are opting to migrate to Windows 7 instead of Microsoft newest OS, Windows 8.  There are many reasons for companies not wanting to take on the latest, "modern" OS including the time required to retrain the workforce on a new UI, the cost of buying new hardware to accommodate the latest OS requirements, and many others.

But, for many who understand Microsoft's OS lifecycles, there has been additional worry over the length of Windows 7's life and accessibility. Microsoft had placed an October 20, 2013 deadline on the sales of new PCs with Windows 7 installed, and also a mainstream support end of life for January 13, 2015 with extended support ending on January 14, 2020. So, while many are opting to shy away from Windows 8, migrating to the operating system version will have to be readdressed sometime in the near future.

However, recently, Microsoft has modified their product lifecycle pages. Where "retail software end of sales" and "end of sales for PCs with Windows preinstalled" had a hard-coded date, today it stands as still "to be determined."

Could Microsoft be taking a bogey on Windows 8 adoption? It seems likely, but until we hear an official statement it's all just conjecture. But, it truly does seem like Microsoft is reconsidering its Windows 7 options at a time when customers are choosing Windows 7 over Windows 8.

Check it out in the Windows lifecycle fact sheet

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