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Windows 7 RC Secure WMP Internet Streaming is Impressive

Barb chimes in on one of the coolest new features in the Windows 7 RC: Internet-based digital media streaming. I was just writing about this for Windows 7 Secrets and I have to say, it's one of those spontaneous-smile features. It's just cool.

None of the info I'd seen on the web mentioned much about the ability to stream Recorded TV in Windows 7 over the Internet as part of the just revealed Windows 7 Windows Media Player Internet Streaming function added to the release candidate for Windows 7. I decided to try it for myself.

First, this is secure streaming between computers I own. The provider available for the RC is Windows Live, and any computer used as either the host or the client MUST be associated with your Windows Live ID (the same one on each computer). You’ll need to set permissions on the host machine within Windows Media Player, as well.

Incredible to me, the client I was using was an Asus EeeePC also running build 7100 W7.

She's got a nice video showing off this feature as well.

BTW, Barb, I did write about this feature in my Windows 7 RC Review and show off the configuration steps in my Windows 7 RC screenshot gallery as well. :)

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