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Windows 7 Offers

From Microsoft: Together with its partners, Microsoft is introducing a time-limited series of offers known as "7 Days of Windows 7." This includes amazing deals on hardware, upgrades, support and other options. Watch for new offers to be released daily on

Day 1 — Top New Offers for "Simplify My Life"

Best Buy

  • PC Home Makeover - Full home technology remodel, handyman included. HP laptop, netbook, desktop and monitor package with Windows 7. Geek Squad wireless home network with router and new PC setup included. $1,199.00  (Details:  HP Slimline desktop (model s5212y), an 18;.5-inch monitor, HP mini Netbook, a "media-savvy" laptop (model G60-535DX) along with a Netgear 802.11-G router and in-home setup of each of the components.)
  • Dell Studio XPS 13  — All the speed you'll need - Simply put, everything you do on your PC will be easier with a fast, high-performing laptop. $999.00
  • Acer AZ5610-U9072 23-Inch Touch All-in-One (Windows Touch) - Touch and all-in-one elegance - This stunning, all-in-one PC with Windows Touch incorporates intuitive multitouch technology for exceptional HD entertainment at your fingertips. An elegant, integrated PC and monitor brings exceptional HD entertainment to your fingertips. $899.00

Also Available Today

Windows 7 Family Pack is now available while supplies last. Consumers can buy three upgrade licenses of Windows 7 for one low price. Participating countries include: US, Japan, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Buy a PC, Get A Discounted Upgrade, in which customers can buy a new Windows 7 Home Premium PC and upgrade an existing Windows PC with a discounted box copy of Windows 7. This runs through Jan. 2. Participating countries include: Germany, UK, Czech, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, US, Canada, Denmark, France, New Zealand and Australia.

Student Offer begins today. For a limited time, the Windows 7 Student Offer gives college and university students in the U.S. and select markets worldwide the opportunity to purchase Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade or Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $29.99 in the U.S. This offer runs through January 3rd, 2010 for US, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Mexico and UK and March 31st, 2010 for Australia.

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