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Windows 7 Launch Day Facts

From Microsoft...

More than a billion people around the world use Windows every day, and millions have provided input on what they want to see in an operating system. This feedback was built into the product.

Windows 7 saw the largest beta testing program in the history of the industry, with 8 million testers worldwide.

People from more than 113 countries downloaded the Windows 7 beta.

Microsoft conducted more than 16,000 online interviews directly aimed at helping us identity, test and validate scenarios and features for Windows 7.

More than 2,600 customers participated in user research and usability studies for Windows 7.

More than 40,000 hours of Windows 7 usage was logged from external user research field trials (through Microsoft's Living with Windows program in which users were recruited to provide an understanding of how they use Windows 7).

Microsoft received product instrumentation and usage data from millions of PCs in more than 200 countries and regions around the world that help Microsoft Corp. better understand how its customers use its software. Windows 7 includes input from more than a billion user sessions.

Survey (sample size 1,999 people):

  • 90% of Release Candidate testers rated Windows 7’s quality as "good" or "extremely good."
  • 91% of Release Candidate testers told Microsoft they would recommend Windows 7.
  • 90% perceive Windows 7 as responsive, simple to use and stable.
  • Over 80% of Mac users told Microsoft that they would recommend Windows 7.
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