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Windows 7 build 7264: Evidence of the E editions

I’ve been running Windows 7 build 7264 for a few days and decided I should run our licensing utility on the various product editions to make sure the Windows 7 Product Editions Comparison is up-to-date. While nosing around in the DVD file structure, I noticed for the first time that the “E” editions show up in \sources\license\en-us\eval and \sources\license\en-us\oem (as do the K, KN, and N editions). (This doesn’t mean they weren’t there earlier; this is just the first time I noticed.)

The full list looks like this:

enterprise e
enterprise n

home basic
home basic e
home basic k
home basic kn
home basic n

home premium
home premium e
home premium k
home premium kn
home premium n

professional e
professional k
professional kn
professional n

starter e
starter k
starter kn
starter n

ultimate e
ultimate k
ultimate kn
ultimate n

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