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Windows 7 Beta Network Performance

David Travis posts some interesting Windows 7 network file copy performance results. You may recall that I had noticed some issues with network file copies myself, and Microsoft was curious about this. In my case, the copies were all to Windows Home Server, which is based on Windows Server 2003. And sure enough, David expresses surprise about how poorly Windows 7 works with this server version as well.

One of my major complaints about Vista has been the network performance problems, or at least what seemed to be network performance problems. I worked with a couple of guys at work on testing network performance with XP, Vista and Windows 7 Beta.

I used a Windows 2003 Server and a Windows 2008 Server for testing.

I was shocked by the performance of Windows 7 downloading from Windows 2003 server. I hope that Microsoft works on this. Remember that this is a Beta and we will have to wait until RTM to determine the real performance. I am very impressed with the performance of Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server. Hopefully this does not change in the RTM.

Check out the full post for details on the test script and the full results chart.

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