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Windows 7 announcement coming (Updated)

While I'm not expecting a formal Windows 7 RTM announcement until tomorrow (they wouldn't rain on the Office 2010 parade today, would they?) Microsoft will indeed be announcing something today about Windows 7. Here's some info I just received from Microsoft's PR department:

Bill Veghte, senior vice president for the Windows Business at Microsoft, revealed new partner offerings and opportunities around Windows 7, which is slated to be released to manufacturing later this month and launch in October. Details are available on the Windows Team blog.

It's written in past tense, but what it's announcing hasn't happened yet. So the link to the Windows Team Blog doesn't (yet) reveal anything new. I'm guessing it will around the time Mr. Veghte takes the stage today at WPC. That could be anytime now.

Anyway. If I'm reading this right, no RTM announcement today.

UPDATE: I assume the announcement is about the September 1, 2009 availability of Windows 7 for Microsoft's volume licensing customers. Certainly, there was no other interesting revelation of any kind during the talk.

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