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Windows 7 in 2009. As previously reported :)

I'm curious to see that I've gotten a number of emails from people who are wondering why I didn't report on today's "news" that Windows 7 will ship in 2009. It might be because it's not news. I wrote about it as long ago as April 28, almost two weeks ago. :)

Finally, Microsoft Admits to 2009 Delivery for Windows 7

It's been possibly the worst-kept secret in the history of Microsoft. But now, finally, the software giant is admitting what we've known all along: It will deliver Windows 7 in 2009, not 2010 (as it has long claimed), and it will do so in time for the 2009 holiday season.

"A holiday release is accomplishable," Microsoft Senior Vice President Bill Veghte said Monday. It is the first public statement from a Microsoft executive that contradicts long-standing company policy to promise only that it would deliver Windows 7 roughly three years after its predecessor, Windows Vista. That OS shipped to the public in January 2007, so Vegas odds-makers have been targeting January 2010 as the expected release date.

Not definitive enough? How about this one from May 3, over a week ago?

Microsoft confirmed to me that both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 would ship by the end of 2009, and not sometime in 2010 as has been widely reported. "As you suspect, Windows Server 2008 R2 will come out in the second half of this year," Ralston told me. "We'll have more details to discuss as time goes by, but you can expect the RTM and launch in the next couple of months."

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