Xbox Insider Program Receives a Refresh; Opens Up Preview Rings to More Testers

This has been a busy week in the world of Xbox One with the initial build release for the upcoming Fall Update to the Xbox One console user interface.

As I shared earlier this week, this first testing build revealed a big rework of the Xbox One Guide and a new Xbox Assist/Care app for troubleshooting and getting support directly on the console.

In addition, although totally unrelated to the new preview build, the Spotify app arrived for the console via the Xbox Store.

After the Xbox team announced the initial build release for the consoles next feature update, they also published some new tweaks to the Xbox Insider Program that launched last fall.

When that new version of the program was launched we knew everyone could join by installing the Xbox Insider app on their consoles and then registering the device however, what preview level any user might get access to depended on a combination of longevity, Insider Program Experience (XP), and participation in quests, surveys, etc.

The new revisions that were announced earlier this week take away the mystery and spells out the specific circumstances that will allow an Xbox Insider to enroll their devices themselves for a higher preview ring.

Here is now it works now:


Quick Summary

-- As you can see Alpha is a closed and is by invite only - there is no alternative for getting into the fastest possible preview ring.

-- Beta Ring requires tenure of 3+ months and XP Level 4+

-- Delta Ring tenure is 1+ month and XP Level 2+

-- Omega Ring is open to all and lets you get started earning XP and establishing tenure for higher levels of access.

My recommendation: Just participate in all the tasks that come across the Xbox Insider Hub, earn your XP, and advance along the three accessible levels. If you are providing good and actionable feedback you will increase your opportunity for that Alpha Preview Ring invite down the road.

Microsoft also published a chart, embedded below, that details the expected number of updates each month for the four rings plus how much data those updates could consume.


No matter what ring you are in, you have the ability to move to lower rings if you need to control your data consumption during a particular period of time. Once you are clear of data consumption concerns you can move back into the higher rings you are eligible to access.


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