WSUS Ready for Windows 10

WSUS Ready for Windows 10

In the event you weren't looking too closely during this month's Patch Tuesday, there are now new entries in the WSUS database. In preparation for the July 29 upgrade release of Windows 10, Microsoft has added new components to the WSUS listings for updates.

Now included (as shown below), Windows 10 is front and center, making the OS, Language Packs, drivers, and upgrading components available for selection.

Of course, this is if you choose to do so. Windows 10 will deliver through Windows Update like any other update offering. Windows Insiders that choose to stay on past the official delivery date will still receive through Fast and Slow ring mechanisms, but for normal users, the Windows 10 upgrade and subsequent fixes and updates will deliver through Windows Update. For patch administrators and patching mechanisms that rely on Windows Update, WSUS is the primary vehicle used to manage Windows 10's updates – for now.

We're still waiting to hear more about the official release date of Windows Update for Business. When it was first announced at Microsoft Ignite this year, sources indicated that the solution was just in the initial development stages – basically just an idea on a drawing board. I'm sure Microsoft is much farther along with it, but so far there's been no indication when it will be available. It's assumed that it will be ready sometime in the September time-frame, but then Microsoft has promised that Windows 10 Enterprise is also expected. Remember, the July 29 Windows 10 upgrade is targeted primary at the consumer crowd. However, Microsoft has been full of surprises, so Windows Update for Business could come sooner. We'll just have to be patient. Windows 10 is "Windows as a Service" or better said, a continual work in progress.

But, the new WSUS entries show signs of life for business users interested in Windows 10.

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