Windows Store for Business Gains New Options

Windows Store for Business Gains New Options

If you are already using Windows Store for Business to organizing the apps that your users can access for download and install on their Windows 10 devices then you want to take a look at the new features announced last week by the Windows Store for Business team.

Microsoft describes the Windows Store for Business like this:

"...the place where IT decision makers, purchasers, and administrators find, acquire, manage, and distribute apps to Windows 10 devices. Windows Store for Business launched in November 2015 and was designed to simplify the app acquisition and management process for organizations of all sizes."

Well, last week Microsoft added several new options for those of you already using the Windows Store for Business and if you are still not putting it to use in your company then these new features might be the nudge you need to consider implementing it for your users.

Here are the areas that have been addressed in this latest update to the service:

  • Expanded App Selection - Previously you could only select free apps to include in your organizations Windows Store listing but now some markets can now select paid apps to be included in their version of the Windows Store for Business. These can be paid for using volume purchases¬† or credit cards - a future update will include support for invoicing, volume discounts and organizational in-app purchases.
  • Distribution - Windows Store for Business apps can now be distributed directly from the store or through management tools like Mobile Device Management or Enterprise Mobility Management.
  • Distribution with Microsoft Intune - Using Intune you can easily sync app inventory, deploy apps using push deployment and control the apps and their usage from one interface.
  • Distribution with Windows Store for Business - If you are not using a centralized management tool you can use the tools built into Windows Store for Business. This option allows you to assign an apps to specific users and sent them an email about the availability of that app. Apps can also be published in a private store for users to access and download on their own.
  • App updates are delivered through Windows Update.

If you want to learn more about Windows Store for Business there are several great resources available:

Here is a short overview video of Windows Store for Business:

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