Windows Mobile Build (10586.11) released to Windows Insiders in Fast Ring

Windows Mobile Build (10586.11) released to Windows Insiders in Fast Ring

Could Windows as a Service across multiple Windows 10 based devices be on the horizon?

It looks like we are a lot closer to checking off the mobile block in the new Windows as a Service ecosystem as Microsoft has released Windows 10 Mobile Version 1511 (10586.11) to its Windows Insiders who are testing new builds on the Fast Ring. This is the first mobile build Insiders have received since 29 October - nearly three weeks ago.

A lot has happened in less than a week as Microsoft has distributed Windows 10 Build 10586 across multiple devices and now they look to be on the verge of completing the mobile stage of this rollout.

Here is how all the updates have lined up over the last several days:

  • Last week's release of Windows 10 Version 1511 (10586.3) for desktop PCs and tablets plus the roll out of the new Xbox One Experience using Windows 10 Version 1511 (10586.1015) brought those two systems up to the same version and build of Windows.
  • Today's release of Windows 10 Mobile Version 1511 (10586.11) now brings the mobile version of the OS up to speed with the other devices so that all main build numbers match.
  • I was able to verify earlier today on a production Microsoft Lumia 950, which will be available in ATT retail stores later this week, that new new handsets are also on Version 1511 (10586.0) so it will likely have a Day 0 update waiting for it once the device is available to the public.
  • Then, shortly after this new Windows Insider build was made available for Windows 10 Mobile, desktop PCs and tablets received a new Cumulative Update on Version 1511 (10586.3) that bumped the OS up to Version 1511 (10586.11) - the same build as the new Windows 10 Mobile release for Insiders.

With all of these updates that means Windows 10 on devices ranging from desktops, tablets, consoles and mobile phones will all be on the same version and main build numbers (Version 1511 - Build 10586).

I suspect there will always be slight variations on the incremental element of the build number as each device goes through its continued updating/maintenance as part of Windows as a Service.

As for this release of Windows 10 Mobile there is one big gotcha that you should all be aware of.

According to Gabe Aul, our intrepid Ring Master, if you installed build 10581 and then did a reset on your device you may encounter an error condition during the installation of build 10586.11.

After we released Build 10581 to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, we discovered a bug in the build that will cause the filesystem to become partially corrupted after doing a factory reset. For those of you who did a factory reset of your phone, you most likely did not notice this issue on Build 10581. Due to this bug however, upgrading to Build 10586 will cause your phone to go into a reboot loop after the upgrade completes – rebooting at the Windows or operator logo.

So before you begin back up your device to protect your data.

If you do hit this issue you can follow these steps to hard reset the phone and start the Windows 10 Mobile Version 1551 (10586.11) setup again.

Of course, if that fails to work, you can also use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to restore your handset to Windows Phone 8.1. After reinstalling the Windows Insider app you can then opt back into the Fast Ring and get build 10586 directly.

I have successfully updated a Lumia 640 and 830 to the new build and will be poking around to see how performance is and if any of the issues that have lingered around earlier builds are still there.

How about you - did you upgrade to build 10586 on Windows 10 Mobile as well?

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