Windows Hello change tolerance

Windows Hello change tolerance

Q. I'm using Windows Hello for logon. How tolerant is it to change of my appearance?

A. Windows Hello works by creating a 3D map of your face using special types of camera and noting key features. When you logon it compares your current 3D facial map to the key points it has stored about you. I decided to test how tolerant to change it is and you can see the results at From my tests I found it is not very tolerant. The key point is you need to run the "Improve Recognition" for any different states of your appearance, for example with or without glasses. In my tests having different types of glasses from those I trained it with failed to allow me to logon. If I gave myself hair it was borderline. My advice would be anytime you make some change to your appearance simply retrain the recognition. To improve the recognition perform the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Sign-in options
  4. Under Windows Hello select Improve recognition
  5. Click Get Started
  6. You are done!
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