Windows 10's Fast-paced Updating Feature Will Be Opt-in

Windows 10's Fast-paced Updating Feature Will Be Opt-in

Some clarification has now come through about the new, fast-moving updating mechanism that Microsoft is building into Windows 10.

Microsoft is now communicating that there will be three different modes for updates, based entirely on customer choice:

  • Opt-in – This mode means that Windows 10 will be updated on a fast-moving pace (i.e., when Microsoft rolls 'em out). This is defined as a consumer-type updating mode. These include security updates and fixes, but also new features and OS updates.
  • Lock-down – Locked-down mode is for mission critical environments (i.e., businesses) where updates are managed centrally. This will work similar to the way things happen now and will not include feature updates, only security updates and fixes. Organizations will still be able to utilize their normal patching mechanisms since updates will still be delivered to WSUS servers.
  • In-between - Businesses will have an in-between option for systems that aren’t mission critical, but need to keep pace with the latest innovations without disrupting the flow of business.

When the rumored feature was first reported, many business were a bit frightened by the idea. A faster-paced updating system would mean a loss of control, and situation where updates could potentially damage existing systems and software.

Some businesses may opt in, but the choice is clearly theirs to make. However, it's important to understand that Microsoft has stated that Windows 10 represents the LAST major version of Windows. From here on out (after Windows 10 releases) there will be one Windows (no obvious versioning), and it will be updated regularly. Businesses that choose to opt-out will need to be very mindful not to get too far behind.


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