Windows 10 Upgrade Paths Limited to Windows 7 and Above

Windows 10 Upgrade Paths Limited to Windows 7 and Above

Many have hoped that when Microsoft finally releases Windows 10 that it will offer a way out for those still holding on to running older operating systems. The majority of the computing world is interested in what Windows 10 might offer when it finally releases. The upcoming new operating system has caught quite a buzz with many hoping that Microsoft will use it to fix the perceived problems with Windows 8.1.

Windows Insider chief, Gabe Aul, responded to a thread on Twitter recently, relaying Microsoft's stance on viable upgrades for Windows 10. In the thread, Gabe reported that the only supported full upgrade paths for Windows 10 will be from Windows 7 and newer operating systems.

In reality, though, if Windows XP and Vista is still in use, it might be time for a new computer anyway. Purchasing a new computer today will have Windows 8.1 pre-installed and in some cases you can still find some with Windows 7. Rumor suggests that new PCs and devices with Windows 10 pre-installed will be ready for purchase alongside the public release, with the potential of a Surface Pro 4 being available almost immediately.

So, if you are still harboring Windows XP or Vista somewhere in the organization, or at home, you can either upgrade and migrate now, or wait to buy a new PC.

This is not really a new stance, though. Microsoft has taken similar stances when releasing earlier operating systems. Due to changes in each operating system version and in hardware requirements, upgrading from older, non-supported operating systems is always a gamble.

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