Windows 10 Updates Are Everywhere Today

Windows 10 Updates Are Everywhere Today

Update Tuesday for March 2016 has been a busy one for Microsoft as they have released updates for Windows 10 on PCs and mobile devices.

The production build of Windows 10 for PCs is now sitting at Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.164) thanks to Cumulative Update KB3140768 which landed via Update Tuesday. More on what that update addressed shortly.

On the Windows 10 Mobile side of things the current public build, which is still technically pre-release software, is Build 10586.107 however, today a new Slow and Preview Ring build was released that is the same build released today for PCs - 10586.164.

Since that is labeled as a release for both Slow and Preview Rings in the Windows Insider program you would not expect it to be heading out to non-Insider devices but several reports across social media indicate it is in fact delivering to retail Windows 10 Mobile handsets - at least the Lumia 950 XL for many and the Lumia 950 for some. I have checked several times on a Lumia 950 but no update is showing up so far. It is possible that is due to a staged roll out and it has simply not available to me yet but I will of course keep checking.

The mobile build is a cumulative update according to a support article in Microsoft's Answers forum and is actually available for commercially released handsets including those mentioned above plus the Lumia 550 and 650 and Windows Insiders.

If you are a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring for mobile builds on the Threshold branch (10586.XXX builds) you will need to shift to the Slow or Preview Ring to get the .164 update and then move back to the Fast Ring for future updates.

Since 10586.164 is a cumulative update for those handsets it will not have new features but will focus on bug fixes and performance improvements.

This is also not the general release of Windows 10 Mobile for current Windows Phone 8.1 eligible handsets and means Windows 10 retail handsets are still technically running pre-release software.

Shifting gears back to the PC Cumulative Update - KB3140768 - that also is focused on general bug fixes and performance improvements however, it also fixes some security related issues including a very serious remote code execution issue and nine other security related situations.

Here is a quick snapshot of those fixes in KB3140768:

  • Improved support for Bluetooth, wearables, and apps accessing contacts.
  • Improved reliability in app installation and Narrator.
  • Improved performance for hibernation, content entry in apps, and downloading and installing updates.
  • Fixed issue that didn't allow login to an Xbox from a PC running Windows 10.
  • Fixed security issue created when attempting to play corrupted content.
  • Fixed security issue that could allow remote code execution while viewing a PDF in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed additional issues with .NET Framework, Internet Explorer 11, and networking.
  • Fixed additional security issues with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, USB storage driver, kernel mode drivers, .NET Framework, graphic fonts, OLE, secondary logon, PDF library, and Adobe Flash Player.

If you want to dive into each individual security related update then visit the support article page for KB3140768 and each support article for those fixes are linked there.

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