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Windows 10 Tech Preview Enterprise Features

With Windows 10, Microsoft seems to be trying hard to right the many wrongs of Windows 8 and 8.1. Released with virtually no real end user feedback, Windows 8 and the follow up Windows 8.1 were clearly the least successful desktop operating systems Microsoft ever released. Microsoft is on a course to change all of that with Windows 10. With over a million downloads of the Windows 10 Tech Preview, Microsoft is actively soliciting user feedback. Although it’s very early on, this first try looks very encouraging. Microsoft appears to have got the message about Windows 8 loud and clear—especially from the business customers and the enterprise. The new Windows 10 Tech Preview tackles most of the Windows 8 shortcomings head-on; there’s a lot to like and not much to hate. Here are the top ten Windows 10 Tech Preview enterprise features. If you want to get some hands-on experience with the Windows 10 Tech Preview for the enterprise, check out Windows 10: Download the preview.


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