Windows 10 Redstone 3: Automatic Checkpoints for Virtual Machines

Windows 10 Redstone 3: Automatic Checkpoints for Virtual Machines

As Microsoft was preparing to release the Windows 10 Creators Update, they added some new features to Hyper-V and enhanced a few existing capabilities to make the process of managing and using virtual machines better for end users.

In case you missed what was added here is a quick list:

-- Quick Create

-- Checkpoint and Save for nested Hyper-V

-- Dynamic resize for VM Connect

-- Zoom for VM Connect

-- Networking improvements (NAT)

-- Developer-centric memory management

You can read and learn more about these over on the Microsoft Virtualization blog.

Since the release of the Creators update, Microsoft has already started issuing testing builds for Redstone 3, the next major update to Windows 10 which is expected this fall, and this week's build, 16179, picks up yet another update for Hyper-V users.

"Revert VM: Continuing our theme of simplifying Hyper-V for developers on Windows 10 (see What’s New), we’re introducing automatic checkpoints so that you’ll always be able to undo a mistake in your virtual machine – you can now always revert to the last time you started a virtual machine."

Microsoft's Andy Atkinson has more details over on the Virtualization Blog article entitled Making it easier to revert.

In summary there are two options added:

-- The ability to revert a running virtual machine back it the state it was in when that VM was started.

-- A new option has been added to VM Checkpoints settings to enable the use of automatic checkpoints. New VMs will have this selected by default and existing VMs will need to have this turned  on if you want to use the feature.


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