Windows 10 November Update: New Privacy Settings

Windows 10 November Update: New Privacy Settings

Privacy continues to be a big focus for Microsoft as it has continued to address those concerns through proactive education on exactly what information they receive and use to help maintain the operation of Windows 10 and associated apps.

We have previously published a video walkthrough of the extensive privacy controls that are built into Windows 10 and now two more options have been added to those settings with the recently released November Update for the operating system.


You now have the ability to restrict which apps on Windows 10 has access to your calling history. Currently that primarily ties to the new Messaging & Skype apps on Windows 10 but as new apps are published that need access to that data you will be able to turn it on and off through this setting.

Windows 10 November Update - Privacy Call History


The second new privacy setting in the November Update to Windows 10 is for your email.  This setting is also tied to a first party app, this time Mail and Calendar, in Windows 10.

As other apps are released that may want to access and send emails on your behalf you can turn them on and off with this new setting.

Windows 10 November Update - Email Privacy Settings

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