Windows 10 Home users can now toggle automatic app updates in Windows Store

Windows 10 Home users can now toggle automatic app updates in Windows Store

Shortly after the release of Windows 10 Rod wrote about an issue on Windows 10 Home systems that had the automatic app update button in the Windows Store settings greyed out and unavailable.

At the time Rod suspected it was either a feature and just another stage of mandatory updates for Windows 10 Home users or that it could possibly be a bug in the OS.

Yesterday Microsoft released three updates for Windows 10 (Build 10240) which included KB3081449, KB3081452 and Cumulative Update #5 (if you are keeping track) KB3081448.

The first two updates listed addressed the Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) for Windows 10 and upgrade compatibility for Windows 10 respectively.

KB3081448, since it is a cumulative update for Windows 10, simply states that it includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10. If you have been following along for a while you know that is the extent of detail we are getting from Microsoft on these cumulative updates.

Well that means digging into the OS after the update and seeing what has changed compared to past discoveries, issues and bugs.

The biggest thing we did notice was that the toggle for turning automatic app updates on and off is now working in Windows 10 Home. That certainly points towards the greyed out toggle simply being a bug in the OS versus a new mandatory update policy from Microsoft.

App Update Toggle in Windows 10

However, if this change was made due to the feedback Microsoft received about it then that is encouraging and hopefully spills over into some other areas like detailed cumulative updates.

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