Windows 10 Enterprise Features Coming to Windows Insiders This Month

Windows 10 Enterprise Features Coming to Windows Insiders This Month

As part of its Surface Enterprise Initiative announced today, Microsoft has snuck in a tantalizing tidbit for companies looking for better enterprise-class features for Windows 10.

Windows 10 – the version released on July 29 – was decidedly a consumer version of the operating system. Some business features were built in, but Microsoft clearly stated that additional, more business-appealing features would come later this year.

During my time at the Microsoft campus a couple weeks ago, Jim Alkove made the statement that Microsoft is making two big investments in Windows 10 for business: security and management. Demos were supplied showing how there will be tighter integration with Microsoft Intune device enrollments, Right Management Services and Enterprise Data Protection, new Microsoft Passport protections, enhancements to Windows Hello.

As part of today's Dell/Microsoft/Surface Pro partnership announcement, Microsoft has expanded a bit on that and provided additional information about what to expect. And, more interestingly, that these features are coming this month.

Later this month, Microsoft will begin rolling out key Windows 10 enterprise features to Windows Insiders, on track for broader availability later this year. For the first time, enterprises can experience features like:

  • Enterprise Data Protection (EDP), which provides personal and corporate data protection wherever data flows

  • Microsoft Passport for enterprise which helps business workers securely login to applications, websites and networks without the need for a password

  • Windows Store For Business, which delivers business customers a unified Windows app store experience including a choice of Windows store apps alongside company-owned apps, and allow IT administers to acquire apps in bulk

For clarification, these new features will be rolled out to Windows Insiders this month for those testing the Enterprise Preview with broader availability this year.


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