Windows 10 Creators Update ADK Ready for IT Pros

Windows 10 Creators Update ADK Ready for IT Pros

With the early access of the new Windows 10 Creators Update on MSDN, IT Pros can now expect a string of updated tools and information about the third major feature update to Windows 10.

We told you yesterday about the Windows IT Center's What's new in Windows 10 Version 1703 article and now today they have announced the release of the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for the Creators Update.

The ADK is used to assess the quality and performance of systems or components plus it contains tools like WinPE, Sysprep, and DISM to help you customize and deploy Windows 10 images across your network.

The Creators Update ADK has the following new features/updates:

-- Windows Configuration Designer
-- New Answer File Settings for unattended installs
-- Enhanced Device and PC Management in MDM

This ADK update even has some new features for the previous feature update for Windows 10 - the Anniversary Update - or Windows 10 Version 1607:

-- Pick and Choose Desktop Applications for Images
-- Build IoT Core Images for Deployment
-- Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) Language Pack has been removed and replaced by Chinese (Taiwan)
-- Assigned Access for Windows Apps
-- New Answer Files Settings
-- New CSP settings for device and PC management with MDM

Finally, even Windows 10 Version 1511, aka the November Update, has some updated options:

-- Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD)
-- Push button reset includes system updates by default
-- New Capabilities Package
-- Run Windows from Compressed OS Files


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