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Microsoft Ignite

Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration Updates From Ignite 2021

At this month’s Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference, the company shared updates for its new Windows 10 in cloud configuration service that enables standardized configurations for Windows 10 devices across an organization.

Coming off its initial availability announcement in February, the Windows 10 in cloud configuration service received some updates that were detailed during the recently-concluded Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference.

Windows 10 in cloud configuration is a tool that allows system administrators and endpoint managers to repurpose or provision new Windows 10 devices with a standardized, easily deployed collection of settings. This is especially important as IT pros expand from provisioning office workers to setting up and servicing devices in use by frontline and remote workers.

This service also provides built-in security in conjunction with Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Any organization that is already a Microsoft 365 tenant and utilizing Windows 10 based devices which are managed by Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager can implement this cloud configuration service and deploy it to new and existing hardware to get those benefits.

The big news announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021 was a new Overview and Setup Guide to assist organizations in preparing for and implementing cloud configuration for its endpoint devices running Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education.

Windows 10 in cloud configuration has three key requirements:

  • Windows 10 devices must run supported editions of Pro, Enterprise, Education.
  • Users must be enrolled in Azure Active Directory to accommodate the service and single sign-on for secure access to organizational data and resources.
  • The admins must be using the cloud-based management tool Microsoft Endpoint Manager

The Windows 10 cloud configuration guide is a 29-page PDF file that lays out an eight-step process for using Microsoft Endpoint Manager to configure and deploy a cloud configuration for users.

Three detailed customer scenarios in the guide will help administrators understand the capabilities of Windows 10 in cloud configuration.

The guide can be downloaded on the Windows 10 cloud configuration site.

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