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Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Arrive for WSUS and ConfigMgr Users on August 16

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Arrive for WSUS and ConfigMgr Users on August 16

WSUS and System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) administrators should thank early wranglers of Microsoft’s latest update for finding bugs. There’s been a non-stop series of customer reports and complaints about various issues from lockups and hangs to just simply not installing correctly. Of course, as has been the case since Windows 10 officially released in July 2015, success and failure can vary even between similar devices with the same hardware and same software setup. It’s one of our generation’s great mysteries, much like the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, and the Bermuda Triangle have astounded and stumped generations past.

Microsoft should fix the nagging issues quickly and has already deployed a couple updates to attempt to solve some of the problems. More should be on the way.

However, Microsoft has now also stated that those who use WSUS and System Center Configuration Manager to deploy OS upgrades and updates will be able to start delivering Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 16. That’s when the installation bits will arrive. Most administrators of those systems should approach the upgrade with scrutiny until Microsoft can issue an all-clear and an apology through the delivery of fixes.

But, even when the update is ready to arrive, it’s not all smooth sailing. To ensure that the update works with the current implementation of WSUS and ConfigMgr, administrators will need to take some manual steps. Those are outlined in a blog post from Yvette OMeally on August 5th. The blog post provides all the information for preparing the update infrastructure, but also provides a warning. Without 2 updates being applied the update will not apply correctly…

The Windows Team has released update KB3159706 that enables the provisioning of decryption keys in WSUS for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. This update is necessary for WSUS to be able to natively decrypt the encrypted Windows 10 Anniversary Update packages, and any subsequent Windows 10 feature upgrades.  Additionally, the 1606 update for the current branch of Configuration Manger contains new client support that allows these types of packages to install correctly using the Configuration Manager Windows 10 servicing feature. 

Read the full post: Update your ConfigMgr 1606 SUP servers to deploy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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