Windows 10 1511 Now Deemed Business-worthy, Approved for CBB

Windows 10 1511 Now Deemed Business-worthy, Approved for CBB

Today, Microsoft is announcing that Windows 10 Build 1511 will be pushed to Current Branch for Business (CBB), effectively replacing the original business Build version, 1507.

Michael Niehaus explains the scenario in a blog post on the Windows for IT Pros web site. Michael explains that this is the official declaration and not a warning that this build will begin deploying immediately to business PCs. Microsoft handles Windows 10 for business differently than the consumer versions, allowing organizations to have more control over the deployment.

Media for Windows 10 1511 should be available soon through Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, WSUS, VLSC, and MSDN.

The Windows 10 Release Information page has also now been updated to show this change.

Read the full announcement and requirements and specifics: Windows 10 1511 is now a Current Branch for Business (CBB) release

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