What we know about Windows 10 Service Release 1 (SR1)

What we know about Windows 10 Service Release 1 (SR1)

When our own Rod Trent returned from attending the Windows Insider and Windows 10 launch events in New York City last week he shared some insight he gained during the various conversations he participated in.

One of the big pieces of info was the reminder that Windows 10, the release everyone is receiving after 29/7, is the beginnings of this new OS. Windows as a Service (WaaS) is a term that has been used to describe this process of keeping the OS up to date and continually improving it.

It was also reiterated that Windows Insiders are a big element of this WaaS process and will be testing updates before they head out to the general population. Just yesterday the ability to opt into receiving Insider builds is once again live and the next build should arrive soon for testing.

Which brings me to Windows 10 Service Release 1 (SR1).

Rod learned last week that SR1 will be available sometime in early August according to Gabe Aul. There has not been any specific date mentioned for that release but a recent tip sent to us points towards next Monday, the 10th of August, as that availability date.

Testing should see Windows Insiders getting that update after it checks out inside of Microsoft and prior to it becoming widely available for all users.  So is that 10 August date when Insiders will see it or when they expect to release it across the board?

If that is the target date for a wide release then Insiders should be seeing this update very soon.

Windows 10 SR1 is a collection of fixes according to Aul and could contain some new features but the primary purpose of the update is to address post release issues.

SR1 will be followed later this year by a planned update that is expected to include new features including some for OneDrive, Skype and the arrival of extension support for Microsoft Edge.

If you are an Insider be aware that those initial updates in the post Windows 10 release program will be full builds instead of just update packages. According to Aul that should only be for the first few updates to Windows 10.

Thanks to Victor for the tip about the SR1 availability date.

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