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What is semi-annual channel for Windows 10

What is semi-annual channel for Windows 10

Q. What is Semi-Annual Channel for Windows 10?

A. Windows 10 has used the branch terminology with the following:

  • Current Branch - The first availability of the new release aimed at home users and piloting in organizations
  • Current Branch for Business - The same build as Current Branch but released 4 months later and includes the latest Cumulative Update and aimed at broad adoption by organizations (as in the previous 4 months it was tested by home users and at companies via the Current Branch)
  • Long Term Servicing Branch - Standard 5+5 year support version that only has a new version every 2-3 years

Microsoft are moving to a "Semi-Annual Channel" terminology to reflect a more regular release cadence aimed at March and September of each year. The new names are:

  • Semi-Annual Channel (Pilot) - Was Current Branch
  • Semi-Annual Channel (Broad) - Was Current Branch for Business
  • Long Term Servicing Channel - Was Long Term Servicing Branch
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