Unsynced OneDrive Folders After Windows 10 Upgrade

Q: I upgraded from Windows 8.1/Windows 10 preview to a new Windows 10 build, and after configuring OneDrive selective sync I have a lot of folders with a red cross on them; what does this mean?

A: A red cross on a file or folder represents data that's cached locally from previous OneDrive synchronization and that's no longer configured to synchronize with OneDrive per your synchronization selections. The red cross indicates that the data is still available locally; it had been cached prior to the upgrade, but any changes won't be replicated to OneDrive because the folder wasn't selected for ongoing synchronization. This behavior is unlikely to remain in future Windows 10 builds because it's confusing. There are a few options for resolving this problem:

  • For files or folders that have an x, ensure that the data is really stored in OneDrive. If it is, you can delete from the local cache (although I would temporarily back it up, just in case).
  • Unlink your Microsoft account in the Settings page, back up the local OneDrive content, delete the folder for OneDrive, reconnect the Microsoft Account, and set up OneDrive again.
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