Understanding Compressed Memory in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Understanding Compressed Memory in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Q. Where is the Compressed Memory process in Windows 10 Anniversary?

A. Windows 10 introduced Memory Compression of pages instead of writing them out to the pagefile. Originally this memory was just part of the System process which caused confusion why System used so much memory. In 1511 the System process was renamed to reflect the fact that its process also held the memory used for the compression store (System and compressed memory) however this changed in the Anniversary edition (1607). There is now a separate Memory Compression process however this is hidden in Task Manager. To see the process you need to use another tool such as Get-Process in PowerShell which will show it.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-Process -Name "Memory Compression"

Handles  NPM(K)    PM(K)      WS(K)     CPU(s)     Id  SI ProcessName
-------  ------    -----      -----     ------     --  -- -----------
  0       0       20       3600       0.52   2888   0 Memory Compression

The amount of memory being used for compression is also shown in the Memory tab of Task Manager - Performance as the Compressed value. If you hover over the memory composition area of task manager it will show you exactly the amount of memory saved by the compression as shown below. My system has a lot of memory and so I don't have much memory compression going on.

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