Sync Your Windows 10 Wallpapers to Your Microsoft Band

Sync Your Windows 10 Wallpapers to Your Microsoft Band

I’m one of those people who like to have the same look/feel across all my devices. For those like me, you understand this personality tic. For those not like me, I’m sure it can seem like an annoying thing. However, it is what it is.

For my devices running Windows 10 with the sync function turned on, the background auto-syncs across devices, saving me some time. But, for those devices that don’t run Windows 10, when I change my Windows 10 background I then spend extra time reworking the background image so that it can also be displayed on my Android phone, but also my Microsoft Band 2.

There’s an app I’ve found, Wallpaper Studio 10, that lightens the burden, at least for my Microsoft Band 2.

Wallpaper Studio 10 has a gaggle of awesome features, including one-click sync across devices and wallpaper community sharing, and it comes with than 20,000 high quality HD wallpapers. But, the one piece I find most valuable is the ability to take your selected wallpaper and create a Microsoft Band 2 version that can also be synched through the app.

Try it out when you get a chance: Wallpaper Studio 10

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