Single Store experience begins taking shape in Windows 10

Single Store experience begins taking shape in Windows 10

We have been hearing about a unified, single core Windows operating system for a while now from Microsoft as they have worked on Windows 10’s development over the last several months.

One element of that process includes bringing together all the varied app stores where we currently purchase software on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox and merge them into a single combined Store.

Of course, Microsoft will also add in Internet of Things as well to produce a one stop shop for all apps and games in a manner to make them easily discoverable for purchase and updates. If you think Windows 10 is an ambitious update then merging three different stores together only adds to that challenge.

In a blog post over at the Blogging Windows site, Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc, provides details about the initial steps in the process.

Starting today (rolling out over the course of the next 24 hours), we’re turning on the Movies & TV page in the Store Beta. If you are a Windows Insider running the latest build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview – you will now be able to browse and search for videos, rent or purchase movies & TV shows in the Store Beta and play them in the Video Preview app. If you are like me and have already accumulated a massive digital collection in Xbox Video, your collection will appear in the Video Preview app and you can begin watching your favorite previously purchased movies & TV shows from your collection. You will still have access to them on all other Windows devices and your Xbox One.

According to LeBlanc these are early steps but soon we will also see Music access added to the Store Beta in Windows 10.

I have already used the new Movies & TV section to rent Interstellar to watch in the next couple of weeks and I have also been able to verify it shows up on my Xbox One Video app as expected.

The integration of video and music into a single Windows Store also marks the beginning of the end to separate apps for purchasing those items on your Windows and Xbox systems.

Check out our gallery of the new Music & TV options in the Store Beta on Windows 10.

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