Resources: Windows 10 Update Related Information and Links

Resources: Windows 10 Update Related Information and Links

The Windows 10 Creators Update, which was shipped in April, is slowly rolling out to consumers via Windows Update.

In addition, many organizations and businesses are likely just starting to look at this third major feature update for Windows 10 and evaluating it as part of their own pilot to prepare for its eventual deployment for their users.

In the interim, it is a good time for IT Pros and System Admins to take a closer look at changes that are in this release to gain greater familiarity with those enhancements.

You can read Microsoft entire What's in Windows 10 Version 1703 for IT Pros over on but since updating Windows is a big discussion in the news right now because of the recent mass malware infection that has flown around the globe to more than 150 countries, reading up on details around those updates for Windows 10 is important knowledge.

Here is direct links to everything over at Microsoft about making sure updates are in place on the latest version of Windows.

-- New update options for Windows 10, Version 1703
-- Monitor Windows Update with update Compliance
-- Configure Windows Update for Business
-- Optimize Windows 10 Update Delivery
-- Configure Delivery Optimization for Windows 10 Updates

By the way, if you are staying up to date with the latest Microsoft patches, your users and systems were already protected from the WannaCry malware that is out there this week. Microsoft even released a patch for Windows XP which has been out of support for more than three years. While that patch was beneficial for anyone still running Windows XP, isn't it time to figure out the way forward from XP and move to a modern OS?


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