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RSS Feeds List for Microsoft Tech Community Sites

Resource: RSS Feed Lists for Microsoft Tech Community Sites

You may have noticed that Microsoft has been doing some house cleaning and organization when it comes to their technical product sites. We have compiled the RSS feed lists that you can use to stay on top of all this content on the new site using your favorite RSS reader or service.

For those of you in Microsoft’s orbit, keeping an eye on all the announcements, technical product details, and other related information/discussions is challenging because of the varied locations some of this information is located. Microsoft’s TechNet and MSDN sites used to be the hubs for that activity, but everything has been migrating to the Microsoft Technical Community website. Finding information there is easy enough, but requires the use of a Microsoft Account to favorite blogs and set up email alerts for new content. That can be a cumbersome process.

On the other hand, RSS feeds let you pull the new content down to your favorite RSS reader. Unfortunately, finding RSS feeds for the Microsoft Technical Community blogs is not intuitive, but we have figured it out for you, and built out an entire RSS feed lists for those sites and placed them in a single OPML file you can download for free.

There is also a master RSS feed that surfaces the content that gets published to all the product sites on the Microsoft Technical Community. It is included in the OPML file you can freely download from ITPro Today.

Of course, you can import the entire RSS feed lists into your preferred reader, then remove the ones you do not want to follow and customize your feed content. And if you want to manually subscribe to individual product sites using the product page RSS feed links, you can access them on the Microsoft Technical Community website using this menu from any main product blog page.

This example is from the Microsoft Teams Blog:

Subscribe to Individual Product Site RSS Feed Menu

Clicking that link will open the RSS feed in your browser and then you can copy and paste it from there into your favorite RSS feed lists reader or service.

Note: As new product sites are added/removed in the Microsoft Technical Community, we will update this OPML file and tag it with the date of the latest addition to the file to keep everything updated.


OPML File Update Summary (Most Recent First)

May 13, 2019 - 111 Entries


- AI Customer Engineering Team
- Ask the Directory Services Team
- Azure App Service
- Azure Compute
- Azure Database Support
- Azure Sentinel
- Azure SQL Database
- Containers
- Device Management in Microsoft
- Microsoft Managed Desktop
- Project Support Blog
- SQL Server
- SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
- Storage at Microsoft
- System Center Blog
- Windows Server Essentials and Small Business Server



March 26, 2019 - 95 Entries


- Ask the Performance Team
- Data Center Security
- Event Hubs Blogs
- Failover Clustering
- Hardware Dev Center
- Microsoft Data Migration
- Microsoft Invoicing Blog
- Microsoft Launcher Beta Announcements
- Outlook Global Customer Service & Support Team Blog
- Running SAP Applications on the Microsoft Platform
- TestingSpot Blog
- Virtualization
- Windows Admin Center Blog
- Windows Hardware Certification



March 4, 2019 - 81 Entries (Reset Feed Count)


- Networking Blog
- Surface IT Pro Blog

October 22, 2018 - 59 Total Entries

- Initial Version

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