Resource - Ready for Windows 10 Portal

Resource - Ready for Windows 10 Portal

Microsoft will stop offering the free consumer upgrade of Windows 10 to users in late July as they mark the one year anniversary of the operating systems release last year however, they are just starting the push for companies and enterprise customers to start the migration to the year old operating system.

The resource I have for you today, Ready for Windows 10, has a two-fold purpose.

First, you can head over to this portal and find out if software your company depends on is already compatible with Windows 10.

This directory can be searched based on keywords or you can browse the entire listing by these categories:

  • Communications
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Public Sector
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Other

The information about the compatible software shows you what version is compatible and what solution types are offered such as compatibility not only with Windows 10 but also IE11 and Microsoft Edge.

Here is what Citrix's listing looks like:

Citrix Listing on Ready for Windows 10

As you can see there are links to the download pages for each piece of software and also links to apps in the Windows Store if they are available.

Of course a listing like this is dependent upon companies listing their Windows 10 compatible software so that brings the second purpose of the site into focus.

If you are a company that produces software and have upgraded your offerings so they are compatible with Windows 10 then you also need to visit this portal and list your software so that anyone searching the database can find it.

Software compatibility is a big piece of the decision process for migrating to a new operating system and the Ready for Windows 10 portal can help you get that word out.

"Once an application is accepted, the solution(s) will be listed in the directory for anyone looking for Windows software providers.  Business customers will be able upgrade to Windows 10 with confidence knowing the business solutions they rely on are Windows ready today."

Now, Microsoft understands that not everyone has started the process to upgrade their companies software library for Windows 10 compatibility so they are also offering to connect you with people and other resources to help you with that process. Just contact them at [email protected] to begin that dialog.

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