Resource: Preparing for Windows 10 Deployment (Gartner)

Resource: Preparing for Windows 10 Deployment (Gartner)

I have recently come across a very good read when it comes to considering the deployment or migration of your company to Windows 10.

This document, which focuses on four key areas, provides two options for companies on Windows 7. One is to continue using the same methods that have been in use for many years to deploy and manage Windows based machines and the other is to consider the improvements that have been made in Windows 10 to make that process more efficient and secure.

The report does requires a brief registration for immediate access covers these four key areas:

  • The three migration phases and steps to take in each one
  • Recommendations on a testing methodology
  • Considerations between using traditional vs. new deployment and management tools
  • The recommended time to prepare for a successful Windows 10 migration 

We have covered many of the features in Windows 10, which Gartner discusses in this document, that improves security, management and servicing for the new operating system. 

While there are pros and cons for many organizations ultimately the support life cycle for Windows 7 is going to expire in January 2020 - just five years from now. I also do not expect Microsoft to extend that date like they did with the popular Windows XP.

So sooner or later your company will need to develop a plan and implement that to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10. According to Gartner that should happen sooner rather than later.

Register and check out the entire report from Gartner on Preparing for Windows 10 PC Deployment.

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