Resource: Classroom IT Management and Data Protection Blog Series

Resource: Classroom IT Management and Data Protection Blog Series

This week, over on the Microsoft Education Blog, a new series of articles began that will focus on managing IT in schools, protecting staff and student data, and maintaining access policies.

This series of articles about this environment are being produced by Microsoft's Education Partner Advisory Council under the name Modern Methodologies for Classroom IT Management. The five part series will look at best practices for buying, deployment, and management of school IT resources.

The series begins with a look at how schools use cloud-based services and apps, the steps they are taking to protect data, and how they are controlling access rights to ensure the right individuals can connect safely and prevent unauthorized users.

The other four articles in this series will cover:

-- School devices in a multi-platform, access-from-anywhere world

-- Setup and deployment within a teaching and learning environment

-- Collaboration and communication technologies for the classroom

-- Adoption and change management for education technology

Primary focuses of this initial take on IT in education looks at using the cloud for real-time collaboration, system administration, single sign-on for all services, and then data protection.

There are also plenty of education related resources linked in this initial article that can be very helpful for those of you in the education sector:

-- Microsoft OneNote, free in Office 365 for Education

-- Microsoft Teams web page and Meet Microsoft Teams Guide for IT Administrators

-- Omnimundo case study

-- Cybersecurity in K-12 education: Schools face increased risk of cyber attacks, Fedscoop, Corinne Lestch, July 17, 2015

-- Safeguarding your Technology: Practical Guidelines for Electronic Education Information Security, National Center for Education Statistics

-- Windows 10 Enhances Security, Gartner, Peter Firstbrook, April 10, 2017

-- Hybrid Cloud IT Management white paper

-- Microsoft Education Setup and management web page

Keep an eye on the Microsoft Education Blog for the next four articles in this series.


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