Project Spartan becomes Microsoft Edge

Project Spartan becomes Microsoft Edge

Project Spartan. What a cool name.

But, as we've all come to expect at this point, Microsoft can take a cool code name and warp it into a horrid, dreaded moniker longer than an HP web site URL. But, maybe the company really is changing.

Among a stack of other, mind-blowing announcements today at BUILD 2015 (catch the wrap-up HERE), the company finally stamped the official name for its forthcoming Windows 10 Internet browser. Project Spartan today was rebirthed as Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge. That's not so bad.

But, while the name is much less horrid than other names that have been ascribed for other products over the years, Microsoft may have made it up in the logo…

It's definitely not the best design. One person said, based on the logo, Microsoft should rename the web browser: "Shuriken."

What do you think of the name and the logo?

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