Popular Mac Image Editing Software Luminar Coming to Windows 10

I am always on the lookout for solid options when it comes to image editing software but it is a rare event indeed when the Windows and Mac worlds crossover like they are in the case of Macphun's Luminar - the company's self-described supercharged photo editor.

Macphun is no wannabe when it comes to developing photography and image editing apps. In fact, Apple has recognized their work five years in a row -- 2012 to 2016 -- as the Best of the Year.

According to Macphun they are the first and only photography app developer that has earned such a distinction.

So when news popped up over the weekend that Macphun was bringing their popular Luminar software to Windows I was very intrigued.

I have signed up for the beta, and Luminar is now installed on my main Windows 10 system, but it is also compatible with Windows 7 and 8.1.

(Yes, that means this is not a Universal Windows Platform app. However, once this software is released for Windows it could easily be bridged over to the Windows Store with the Project Centennial Desktop Bridge.)

In the interim, Macphun is inviting Windows users to join the public beta by signing up here and then downloading the current beta build of the software.

Based on my initial impressions of Luminar, which I had never heard of before this weekend, this software would be a great addition to the Windows Store. This software gives you very deep levels of capabilities to tweak your photos and it is great to just load an image and start playing around with the various filters and individual image settings.

The final Windows version of Luminar is expected to launch this fall and here are a couple of links with additional information about the software:

-- Video Tutorials

-- Questions & Answers

Check out our extensive gallery for setup images and a tour through the very customizable user interface.


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