One More for the Road: Another Windows 10 HotFix Available

One More for the Road: Another Windows 10 HotFix Available

Yesterday, I told you about a new HotFix Microsoft recently released that sought to fix a glaring issue with Windows Update for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The problem was that a few Windows Insider users could not install KB3020114 successfully. I can't say if the HotFix actually fixed the problem, as I was one of the lucky ones that was able to install the original update successfully, but the new HotFix was subsequently reported by others to fix the issue.

Even with that issue fixed, the latest official build of Windows 10, Build 9879, had other problems. One of the bigger issues was Explorer.exe crashing constantly. Microsoft stated that Build 9879 would be the very last released update for Windows 10 in 2014, leaving many with a mostly unusable testing environment. But, that's not stopped Microsoft from attempting to fix remaining problems with the Build and give testers a mostly working OS to play with during time off during the holidays. It's another Festivus Miracle!

Late last evening, Microsoft made another HotFix available, this one intended to fix the Explorer.exe crashes. The HotFix is now available through the Windows Update process in Windows 10 Technical Preview. Gabe Aul announced the availability of the new HotFix over Twitter, but the announcement is also available in the new Insider Hub app.

Have you installed this latest HotFix? Did it work for you?

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