Microsofts' Windows Community Site - Learning About Windows 10 From the Team Building It Microsoft

Microsofts' Windows Community Site - Learning About Windows 10 From the Team Building It

Microsoft recently began rolling out a new web portal called Windows Community and it is currently in its initial stages of being built out with content and other features that will come down the road.

If this was announced over the last couple of months, it looks like the welcome video was posted to YouTube in April of this year, then I missed the news as it crossed my feeds so I wanted to make sure you all had heard about this resource as well.

The site, located at, does not require any kind of log in to view the content but it does connect to a Facebook page and of course YouTube where the video content is being hosted.

The site consists of four key areas:

-- Videos

-- Stories

-- Get Involved

-- About Us

Currently you will find videos that introduce you to various Windows Team members, the history of Windows, plus specific videos that discuss some of the key features of Windows 10 such as the Feedback Hub, Windows Defender, and Windows 10 Privacy.

Windows Community, as explained in the FAQ's, is not a support site though as Microsoft already has those things covered through their normal support channels. However, in the future, as the site development continues, there will be opportunities for the broader public to make contributions to the site's content through enhancements they have planned for the portal.

In the interim they do invite members of the Windows Community to engage on the Facebook page and YouTube channel where comments can be left for the Windows Makers creating that content.

As Windows Insiders and enthusiasts there are a handful of people that we see on a regular basis across social media who are working on Windows. A site like the Windows Community gives us all a great opportunity to learn more about the real human beings behind the screens plugging in the code and mapping out things for future features and enhancements.

This is a great way to gain more insight into the work that goes into Windows.


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