Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Analytics Preview is Live

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Analytics Preview is Live

Last week we mentioned a new tool Microsoft was launching called Upgrade Analytics that allows you to collect telemetry from devices you are testing Windows 10 on and anaylze system performance and how your Line of Business apps are performing on Microsoft's latest operating system.

Well that service has now gone live in preview according to Microsoft and can be added to your existing Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) or there is an option to sign-up for a new OMS workspace with Upgrade Analytics already enabled.

Once you are signed up and ready to go don't worry about the data generated by the service:

"Data generated by Upgrade Analytics is not counted towards your OMS quota, so you can use a free-tier OMS workspace for Upgrade Analytics. There will be no extra charges generated by Upgrade Analytics data if you are using a Standard of Premium tier workspace."

once you are signed up and ready to go, Microsoft says you need to take these steps:

  1. Generate a Commercial ID in OMS and link it to your OMS workspace
  2. Make sure you have the correct ‘Compatibility Update’ installed on your user computers
  3. Review your firewall configuration and allow access to the service
  4. Configure the your user computers with the Commercial ID and an Opt In flag so data can be linked to your OMS workspace
  5. Kick off a data collection run

The results of your data collection should be available in the Upgrade Analytics section of OMS within about 48 hours.

Expect more from the Upgrade Analytics blog about how to interpret the data from your collection efforts but in the interim you can check out this script which will help you automate the steps needed to set up PCs to participate in Upgrade Analytics plus you can read all the Upgrade Analytics documents over on TechNet.

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