Microsoft Shares Their Roadmap for Windows 10 and the Cloud

Microsoft Shares Their Roadmap for Windows 10 and the Cloud

If you are a small business or maybe even a startup that is looking to establish an information technology system to support your company then there are many things to consider.

Do you go to the cloud for file storage, use hosted services for email and do you consider a collaborative suite of office software or just use free alternatives you can find online?

As a small business or start-up it can be very tempting to use free resources until you can afford to make the move to paid options.

However going free is not always the best option either because you get what you pay for and you must consider how critical your infrastructure is to your business. What would the impact be if those services went down for any period of time with no options except to wait for their restoral.

Well Microsoft wants to provide you an option that would mean you do not have to worry about on-premise hardware and you can grow your IT framework as your business/company grows. This would mean no guessing about how much infrastructure you need before you need it.

Over on the Microsoft Small Business Blog they have just announced a new article series that will take you through seven key milestones that can help you take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud and Services.

The seven articles will focus on the following topics:

  1. Set up identity with Azure Active Directory
  2. Set up Microsoft Office 365
  3. Configure onl;ine storage with Windows 10, Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online
  4. Deploy Windows 10 devices
  5. Use the built-in Mobile Device Management for Office 365 feature to manage your devices
  6. Enable security tools in Windows and Office 365

Worried about this all being to technical?

"You won’t need servers and you won’t need a datacenter—you can manage your entire IT environment in the cloud, and without extensive specialist training. You and your users will be happy that they can now take charge and manage their apps and devices themselves, according to your configuration and policy choices."

If you want to go ahead and start learning more about these offerings check out these resources:

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