Microsoft reveals there are 1.5 million Windows 10 Enterprise installations to date

Microsoft reveals there are 1.5 million Windows 10 Enterprise installations to date

Earlier this week Microsoft shared a collection of numbers relating to the momentum that Windows 10 has picked up during its first month of availability to the general public. Included in those numbers were the total number of upgrades/installations of the new OS - 75 million.

We have learned that 1.5 million of those systems are running Windows 10 Enterprise.

Our own Rod Trent learned this and some other details about Windows 10 during a press event he is attending this week on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA.

Enterprise uptake of the new operating system is critical to the overall success of Windows 10 and this number is encouraging to the company because it is Enterprise licensing that is a significant portion of Microsoft's bottom line through the sale of Windows licenses.

Windows 8/8.1 was pretty much ignored by Enterprise users so to see this level of engagement from that sector is a positive sign overall.

During the on campus session Microsoft also revealed some other items relating to Windows 10:

  • Elements of Windows Update for Business will deliver to Windows Insiders in an upcoming build for testing and roll out is planned for sometime this year.
  • Windows Update for Business (WUB) is an evolving technology and pieces will be rolled out as they are ready. The full product may never be completed but Microsoft is evolving WUB based on Enterprise feedback.
  • Change lists for Cumulative Updates are coming – sometime in the future – for businesses and possibly only for Enterprise SKUs or those using Windows Update for Business. Microsoft has been hammered pretty hard over this, and while they have promised to address it, they aren’t ready to give a date or details on how they may do this.
  • Of the 75 million installations running Windows 10 right now, 1.5 million of those are Enterprise edition. These are not in place upgrades which means that Enterprises had to pull down the Enterprise edition using an SA account and choose to install the OS.

One last item to put these numbers into perspective is that these upgrade/installs do not include the over 6 million Windows Insiders and their systems.

The 75 million installs in less than a month was already record breaking for any Windows roll out but now consider that Insiders were not counted in those numbers and it is that little bit more impressive.

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