Microsoft Pushes Back End of Support for Windows 10 Version 1507

Microsoft Pushes Back End of Support for Windows 10 Version 1507

Last month we shared the news that Microsoft was formally moving Windows 10 Version 1507, the original version of Windows 10 that was released back in July 2015, to a non-serviced status.

That designation meant that approximately 60 days later, in this case 26 March 2017, this version of Windows 10 would no longer be supported.

However, for some reason Microsfot has decided to not cease supporting that version of Windows 10 until sometime in May.

On the same January 19th article on the Windows for IT Pros blog where Microsoft notified users of the final 60 day support period, they have added a short note to extend its support.

"UPDATE: 2/3/2017: End of servicing for Windows 10, version 1507 will now occur in May."

Maintaining Windows 10 through the Windows as a Service process is new to Microsoft and this is actually the first cycle where they will stop supporting a past version of Windows 10 for enterprise and business customers.

I suspect the extra time, roughly 60 days depending on the final support date in May, will give Microsoft more of an opportunity to communicate this to customers and prepare for that first shift.

I mean it is a new set of procedures that are being developed along the way so there is no harm in playing it safe with the extra time.


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