Microsoft Prepping a Windows 10 Build 9879 Hotfix, Slow Ring'ers Rejoice

Microsoft Prepping a Windows 10 Build 9879 Hotfix, Slow Ring'ers Rejoice

Microsoft recently noted that another build of Windows 10 wouldn't surface until after the holiday season, and probably into early 2015. This announcement brought a huge number of tester complaints, considering that Build 9879, which rolled out just last week, is wrought with bugs and probably the most unstable Build yet.

This is what you get, I guess, for always wanting to be first. Build 9879 was delivered first to those who signed on to receive new Windows 10 Builds in the "Fast Ring" group. So, in essence, that group has agreed to partake in testing a Beta of a Beta of a Beta. The Fast Ring'ers reported blue screens, app crashes, and unresponsive Windows components. Things were going so well, too. Previous Builds were reported to be solid and surprised many on how well they actually worked.

Microsoft is getting ready to finally push Windows 10 Build 9879 to the Slow Ring group – those that have chosen to receive new Windows 10 Builds at a slower pace. At least for this latest Build, the choice to wait may have proven to be the right one to make because Microsoft is holding up delivery for Slow Ring'ers until a bugcheck hotfix is available. With the Hotfix included, Slow Ring'ers should get a much more stable version of Windows 10.

Gabriel Aul, the Windows Insider maven, reported the news and thanked Fast Ring'ers for their help in locating the bugs on Twitter.

The Hotfix will be delivered to Fast Ring'ers soon, and Slow Ring'ers should get a much improved Build 9879 shortly.

So, while we may not be getting any new Builds until after the New Year, we will see at least one, new fix delivering over the next few days. It's possible, too, that this won't be the last fix we'll see before 2014 is shuffled out the door. At least let's hope so. Build 9879 is wrought with many bugs – but, hey – it is Beta, after all. You can't complain too much.

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