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A look at the new Outlook Calendar app in Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10051)

A look at the new Outlook Calendar app in Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10051)

Among the new Spartan and Outlook Mail apps that Microsoft released last Friday with Build 10051 of Windows 10 Mobile was the new Outlook Calendar app.

One of the biggest changes of this app from the previous calendar app in Windows Phone 8.1 is the visual overhaul it received. This overhaul brings the same traditional design of the Outlook Mail app, which both apps are now tied together as Microsoft announced previously.

During our testing of the new calendar app, it appears to be buggier than the mail app. Scrolling through your appointments and calendar days is somewhat sluggish and far from smooth in our books. Also, good luck finding the month view, the touch point is anything but visible and if you have fat fingers like me, you won’t get it. Hint: Tap and hold within the small gap underneath the days and your appointment then swipe down.

When you get done to it, this is still a preview of what is to come and it’s expected as this is only the second build to be released for phones. There is still work to be done and we have no doubt that once RTM comes around, this will be one stellar calendar app.

That aside, let’s have a look.

Again, as with the Outlook Mail app, the first time you open the Calendar app, you are presented with the Welcome screen. After hitting Get started, if you previously added your account, you are presented with the new traditional design of the calendar. Here you will find the current week laid out in calendar view with your appointments for the day underneath. Again, in the upper left corner, you have the hamburger menu. There you will get a panel that allows you to turn on or off the various calendars you have for each account. You also have buttons at the bottom for the mail app, feedback, and settings.

At the top of the calendar app you have three buttons again. One that will change back and forth from Agenda view and Day view, one that will take you back to today’s date, and another to create a new event. That pretty much is the new Outlook Calendar app. Overall, the new app does what it’s intended to do.

Check out the gallery for the Outlook Calendar app in Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10051).

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