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Latest Microsoft Windows 11 Build Shifts Into Beta Channel

The latest Microsoft Windows 11 build has already dropped into the Beta Channel. What does this mean for organizations already testing Windows 11 in the Dev Channel?

Over the past month, there have been four Microsoft Windows 11 development builds released in the Dev Channel. Effective this week, Microsoft has moved the latest Windows 11 build, Version 22000.100, into the Beta Channel to begin the final stages of development leading up to the new operating systems initial public availability later this year.  

Let’s take a look at what this new Windows 11 build moving to the Beta Channel means for IT Pros who have already begun their testing plans inside their organizations.

Testing Channel Stability

The initial Microsoft Windows 11 builds which were released to the Dev Channel in the last month were all updated using cumulative updates rather than installing entirely new builds. This has allowed those early Windows 11 builds to be very stable.

That stability will continue in the Beta Channel starting with Build 22000.100 throughout the remainder of the testing cycle which is expected to last through October 2021. This channel will also be where the final release version of Microsoft Windows 11 comes from following its testing. For organizations who have begun their own testing, shifting those Dev Channel devices over to the Beta Channel right now will help retain that stability approaching final release and availability.

As for the Dev Channel itself, that branch will return to testing early Windows 11 dev builds, which will likely result in a less stable operating system as new features and enhancements for a future version of Windows 11 are tested.

Consequently, it makes sense to shift testers into the Beta Channel as soon as possible. Once that first Dev Channel update is released in the next couple of weeks, that option will not be possible without a full reinstallation of the base operating system.

Windows 10 Testing

Currently, Windows 10 updates are only being tested in the Release Preview Channel. These updates are all cumulative update previews to test and get feedback on future patches for bug fixes, performance improvements, and security updates.

This will likely be the norm for Windows 10 testing while future updates for the Microsoft Windows 11 build are populating the Dev and Beta Channels.

Tracking the Windows Insider for Business Releases

Now that Windows 11 is being tested in both the Dev and Beta Channels, we have new build trackers at IT Pro Today to provide a chronological listing of new releases across both channels:

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