LastPass Browser Extension Finally Arrives for Microsoft Edge Users

LastPass Browser Extension Finally Arrives for Microsoft Edge Users

​Update: As of Friday afternoon the LastPass extension is no longer available for download although it is still listed in the Windows Store. They did this by marking the minimum Windows 10 Build for it as 14359 effectively closing it off to anyone else to use.

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When Microsoft Edge made its debut on Windows 10 it got knocked around pretty good because of its lack of advanced browser style features.

One of the biggest complaints from users was the lack of browser extensions to add critical features such as the ability to block ads, translate pages and manage passwords.

Well over the last few months Microsoft has slowly been expanding the number of extensions that are available for the new browser adn today we finally get the one that everyone seems ot be waiting for - a password manager.

LastPass, a very popular password management service, now has a LastPass Microsoft Edge browser extension in the Windows Store for their service.

Note: You must have the latest Windows Insider testing build, 14352, installed to be able to use the new LastPass extension.

Installation and activation of the new extension works just like other extensions on Microsoft Edge so nothing new in that area.

LastPass Edge Extension

I have been using this new extension for the last couple of hours and have found it to be working just as expected.  I will say though that there have been some users on social media who have had some issues such as slow loading for the extension and not filling in passwords on websites.

Setup of the extension is just like it is for LastPass on other platforms and begins with logging in with your account email address and Master Password to get validated. Once that is done you can adjust the options for LastPass directly in the browser.

LastPass Options on Edge

There are over 300 million active devices using Windows 10 each  - and of course every copy of Windows 10 has Microsoft Edge installed and ready to use. Recent stats show that Edge is not even a blip on the radar when it comes oto usage.

People have been saying on social media for sometime that the only reason they do not use Microsoft Edge is the lack of a password manager and now there is one.

Will this new extension move the needle for Microsoft Edge? Only time will tell.

Do you plan to move to Edge as your default browser now that you can manage your passwords in it?

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