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IT Pro Tip: Evaluate and Measure Computer Reboot and Logon Times

A regular concern of end users is how well their computer runs as they work to accomplish their daily tasks.

One measurement that can be very arbitrary is the start up time or how long it takes for a system to reboot.

I suspect this is partially like watching water boil or watching a clock - they always seem much slower when you are watching compared to when they are not in your primary focus.

So there may come a time that it is necessary as part of your troubleshooting steps to measure how quickly any computer system starts up, logs on, or restarts.

I caught a tip across my MSDN feed yesterday that I wanted to share here that gives you step by step instructions on how to effectively measure these things on a Windows system.

The tool that Shannon Gowen focuses on for these measurements is the Windows Sysinternals Process Monitor.

Note: If you have never heard of Windows Sysinterals then you need to check out this suite of tools that was initially built by Mark Russinovich back in 1996 and continues to be developed by him at Microsoft.

Gowen provides detailed information about how to use Process Monitor to take these measurements so head on over to MSDN to get all the information to get started.


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