ISO Now Available for Latest Windows 10 Build 9879

ISO Now Available for Latest Windows 10 Build 9879

If you're one of the Windows Insiders testing Windows 10 Technical Preview, you probably saw the latest build show up in your builds list yesterday. If you didn't, it's there now, and it's ready for you to download and install.

We'll be digging into some of the new features in a few articles shortly. I installed it yesterday afternoon, and noticed only some minor additions, and at least one new annoyance. I say 'annoyance' in the nicest way possible. One particularly glaring issue is in how OneDrive works (I talk about that in an upcoming article). But, 'annoyance' is the best way to put it, since it helps to keep in mind that Windows 10 is still beta software. Things aren't supposed to work all the time. Complaining about beta software is like

For those in the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise program, the latest build (9879) is also available for download from the TechNet Evaluation Center. Interestingly, you have to reregister for this build after selecting which version of the download you want (Clean installation or In-place upgrade).

Jump out here to grab it: TechNet Evaluation Center

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